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What is NAD+?


1). NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a coenzyme found in every living cell. Coenzymes are somewhat like the ' little helpers’ that are necessary for the correct work of enzymes in the body. Without coenzymes such as NAD+, many metabolic processes could not run properly. NAD+ is a powerful molecule that plays an incredibly important role in this context. If there are many NAD+ molecules in the cell, the body can work at full speed because there are enough' helpers' who ‘help with the work’


Why take ViveNad?

As we age, the NAD+ stores in our bodies begin to decrease. The higher our NAD+ levels are, the better our cells, healing and regeneration processes function. 


Why take NAD+ subcutaneously?


Oral precursors of NAD+ can be taken by mouth in the hope that they will be absorbed and converted into NAD+. However, there is a perilous journey from mouth through stomach and small intestine into the cells and a large percentage of the oral precursor can fail to make it into the cells.


Direct infusion of NAD+ intravenously guarantees immediate access to the bloodstream but also involves a long and laborious process requiring nursing input and medical monitoring. In addition, the side effects of an intravenous infusion are often unpleasant. Subcutaneous administration provides the perfect solution. It is simple and quick, with virtually no side effects apart from a minimal pinprick from the injection and guarantees direct access to the bloodstream thus bypassing the problems of intestinal absorption. The whole process takes a minute or two and is easily done in the home. By using regular low dose injections, the NAD+ administration is much more physiological.

Your ViveNad kit includes everything you need to embark on your NAD+ journey immediately. We have put it together to ensure maximum convenience and user-friendliness, enabling you effortlessly to experience the potential advantages of NAD+ smoothly and easily.


Do I need a prescription for ViveNad?


ViveNad is a derivative of vitamin B3, a natural substance in food, and therefore does not need a prescription.


How often should I use ViveNad?


If you are new to NAD+ we suggest you use it every other day as a maintenance dose. Should you be feeling a little unwell or coming down with something, we suggest increasing to a daily dose for a short time. In addition, we recommend a daily dose for the first few days of starting ViveNad.

You should always adhere to recommended doses and never share your product with others. We recommend taking at least 2 courses per year for effective and visible results. You can however continue to take it every other day for as long as you like.  Increasing or decreasing according to how you feel. One cannot overdose, therefore it can be taken continuously long term. 


When will I start to experience the benefits of ViveNad?


The time it takes to experience the benefits of ViveNad can differ based on your personal health and how your body reacts to the supplement. Some people may experience an almost immediate surge in energy, whereas others may notice a more subtle gradual enhancement in physical, mental or emotional areas. Feel free to chat with our ViveNad doctor who can provide valuable insights into what you can anticipate in your particular circumstances. Moreover, see what people have to say who have tried it, to gain informal perspectives on what has proven effective for others.


How old do I need to be to use ViveNad?


ViveNad can be taken at any age since it is a natural vitamin derivative. The first signs of ageing start to become apparent on the surface of the skin. In terms of changing ageing changes in organs, tissue and cells, no single process can explain everything. Ageing is a complex process that varies in how it affects different people and even different organs. Influences include heredity, environment, culture, diet, exercise and leisure, past illnesses, and many other factors. Some systems begin ageing as early as age 30. Other ageing processes are not common until much later in life.

ViveNad can be taken in your 20s as a preventative. It can also be taken in mid-life to restore and rejuvenate. It can indeed even be taken later in life to make the ageing process more comfortable.


Can I use ViveNad if I have or have had cancer?


With a history of cancer or any serious illness requiring medication, we would always advise consultation with the prescribing physician before taking anything other than what is prescribed by them.


Can ViveNad improve sexual function?


Sexual dysfunction has many possible causes which include psychological factors and general health problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and general lack of healthy living. ViveNad may improve bodily functions generally and also improves blood circulation. 


Will ViveNad help me to lose weight?


A general improvement in metabolism often has a remarkably beneficial effect on weight. Many of our clients notice weight loss without any additional dietary restrictions but we would always recommend using ViveNad along with healthy eating and appropriate levels of physical exercise.

How much is in the £350 box? How many doses? How many syringes? 


The box contains 

  • one vial of 1000mg, which is the equivalent of 20 x 25mg doses 

  • 20 x syringes 

  • 20 x alcohol swabs

  • A sharp box for disposing used syringes

  • A QR codes which takes you to the website which has instructions


Ask our doctor


If you have any further queries or concerns, why not contact our doctor by email on 


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