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Welcome to the world of VIVE NAD+

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Step One

When you receive your VIVE-NAD+, kit, the vial is half full with liquid that contains 20 x 25ml doses.  Start by washing your hands or use hand sanitiser to make sure your hands are free from bacteria and germs before you handle a syringe. Once you have opened your VIVE-NAD+ box you will see two packages of syringes, alcohol swabs, a sharps container and the VIVE-NAD+ vial. 


We recommend you start your first box of VIVE-NAD+ by taking 0.25ml every day for three consecutive days and every other day thereafter.  Should you miss a day, that is not a problem and should you be feeling a little under the weather or like you may be coming down with something, it is fine to take it every day in order to to boost your immune system. 

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Step Two

Take the VIVE-NAD+ vial and clean the top with an alcohol wipe, making sure to let it dry before use.  Open the plastic bag containing the syringes and take out a syringe. Remove the clastic protector on the plunger. then remove the needle protector. Next, using the syringe, pierce the centre of the vial with the needle. Then turn the vial with the syringe attached upside down and draw out 0.25ml of the VIVE-NAD+ solution. Make sure the needle stays under the surface of the solution when drawing to avoid any air getting into the barrel of the syringe. Ensure there are not air bubbles in the syringe before injecting.

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Step Three

Once you have chosen your administering site, clean the area with an alcohol wipe. 

Leave the syringe for 10 minutes to allow the solution to warm up to body temperature. You will now need to choose the subcutaneous site you are going to administer in to. 

Step Four

Remember you are administering your NAD+ subcutaneously.  This means just below the skin into the fat tissue. Therefore, the injection site should be somewhere where you can grab 1-2 inches of skin.  Grab the skin, hold the needle like a pen and then with one smooth motion, press the plunger in and straight out in the same angle.

Make sure to avoid administering in the exact same spot every time. Ensure to rotate the administering sites each time.  Many people prefer injecting into the belly but some people can find it more comfortable to inject into the inner thigh or bum/saddle-bag area.  In any case be sure to rotate the location and find the spots that work best for YOU.


Make sure the syringe is completely empty and pull the needle out in a straight and smooth motion. 

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Step Five

Once the VIVE NAD+ has been administered, place the used syringe in the container provided. We recommend that you put the sharps container, swabs and syringes back into the VIVE-NAD+ box. 

Lastly, make sure to store your VIVE-NAD+ in the fridge to keep the vial chilled. 

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